Junior Software Developer - Consider This!

We are strengthening our development team with a new colleague. YOU probably have many options when it comes to companies to work with, but we hope that you will consider and pick Solme AB!

Our Spanish colleague José says:

“Working at Solme is great! Solme is what it is thanks to the nice people who work here. Everyone cares for each other and this gives you a community/family feeling that you could hardly get in some other workplaces.

The management team really looks out for the employees and makes sure that everything is going fine and smoothly, they put special caring on keeping a great chemistry/vibe between employees.

Working here gives you the possibility to work with development of a product that is already well established in the market and at the same time has a very interesting roadmap ahead in terms of new functionality to develop.

Here you will have the opportunity to work with smart and experienced developers from who you will learn a lot from and contribute to.

Working conditions are quite competitive and flexible, we have also a unique quarterly bonus system based on quarterly sales which rewards not only the sales people but also the developers. This makes you feel, as a developer, even more involved and part of the success of the company”.

//José Cortes


Our colleague Marcin says:

Opportunity to be a part of the entire process of software development with varied, shifting and challenging tasks. Flexible and understanding working environment in a group of very welcoming and friendly people.



Job description

The day-to-day work will be to develop functionality that adds value to our customers, both in our off-the-shelf product AviX and as customizations, add-ons to AviX, for specific customers. You may be involved in the specification work and process with our customers, depending on what you get energy from. We have developed frameworks and API´s to facilitate the development of customizations, but there is much more to do so you will get the possibility to develop the framework and API´s further.

Solme AB – who are we?

Since 1997 we have been developing and selling our solution AviX for production planning and optimization. Our customers range from global industry leaders such as Ericsson, AB Volvo, Husqvarna, ABB etc.; to smaller companies. All together we have around 250 customers. Our headquarter is located in a modern office in Gårda, Gothenburg. We are a team of 25 persons located in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Ludwigsburg (Germany) and Hefei (China).


We work with agile methods using JIRA as supporting system. We use Eclipse E3 and E4 as platform and modelling framework. The code is mostly written in Java and J2E. We use Bitbucket and Stash for code revision. The client version of AviX is an RCP-application and the web version is currently a RAP-application using the same code.


It is not critical, not even very important, that you have experience of the technologies we use. However, we believe that you have a talent and passion for software development, enjoy solving problems and have an open mind. That is important! Because then you will learn the tools and technologies you need.

All documentation is done in English, fluent English is therefore a requirement. We speak mostly Swedish at the office, you either speak Swedish or have the objective to learn.


We would like you to do your “Hello world!” commit in October or November, but if we don´t find you by then we will keep looking.


Send us an e-mail and tell about yourself!